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DIK Geurts

DIK Geurts


DIK GEURTS established in the year of 1981 in the Netherlands and has been manufacturing the finest and distinguished

wood-burning stoves and wood-burning fire inserts. DRU is one of the leading manufacturers of highly efficient

modern and traditional fires and stoves

, took DIK GEURTS under its wing in 2007, since then both of their names appear together on the list of best fire product brands. As for DRU established in 1754 in the Netherlands, it has been engineering the best fireplaces and stoves not forgetting the inclusion of ever-evolving design patterns and cutting-edge technologies. Since DRU is now the main manufacturer DIK GEURTS stoves and wood fires, the same novelties and innovating technologies such as Cleanburn technology to provide fumes-free fire and Airwash System employed to keep the essential parts of the products clean, are applied in the assembling process of these fire products.

Wood Burning Stoves

It is well-known for producing one of the best wood-burning stoves which are supplied all over Europe as well as in the international market. As Dik Geurts stoves are engineered while employing the latest and innovative technologies like the Cleanburn technology and Airwash system, therefore, these stoves are approved to be used in the Smoke Control Areas. These contemporary wood burner stoves have an excellent heating capacity with high-efficiency ratings and are the perfect choice to warm your home in the Scandinavian winters. Most of the DIK GEURTS stoves are made of cast iron to give robustness to the stoves’ body as well as making them long-lasting. These wood-burning stoves come in different installation styles such as inset wood burning stoves, freestanding wood-burning stoves, wall-mounted wood-burning stoves, suspended wood-burning stoves and corner freestanding wood-burning stoves. Along with excellent heat output and high-efficiency rating, most of these wood-burning stoves have manual command controls. These wood-burning stoves also have various fire-view styles i.e.front-view wood-burning stoves, corner/2-sided wood-burning stoves, 3-sided wood-burning stoves, see-through/tunnel wood-burning stoves and panoramic view wood-burning stoves. The most famous ranges of these wood-burning stoves available at Banyo are as Lars stoves, Instyle, Jens stoves, Vidar and Tornado